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Whorington, USA

A place for Whores to Gather

Whorington,USA: a place to gather and share
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for us to share our lovely conquests.

Here are some basic rules:
--No bashing

--No slamming

--No spamming

--Share your tales, fiction, poetry, lyrics, personal proverbs, quotes, ect.

"Life is to short to give a shit, so just say fuck it and have fun."-Maki

Member's Rights

Everyone will be given equal opportunity to join; the final decision is made by the moderator and no one else.
Membership may be revoked or terminated at any time if the moderator so decides.


Pictures must be submitted to the webmistress.
The webmistress takes no responsibility for the pictures posted here.
If you want a pictured posted, you must be the owner of the file.
To view the submitted pictures, click here.


Members may file complaints by emailing them to whorington_usa@yahoo.com
Each complaint will be thoroughly examined and followed up.
Do not submit the same complaint more than once.

Bashing & Spamming

Members are not allowed to bash one another.
Spamming will not be tolerated.
Two of these offenses are grounds for termination of membership.


The contents of this journal may at times be considered offensive obscene in nature.
If you are upset by anything, you have every right to leave the community.
Complaints regarding the content will result in no action taken by the moderator due to the first amendment of the US constitution.