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Jul. 20th, 2004 @ 09:59 am from an old email we passed around
Things better than SEX...

No 1. Sex and a good night's sleep.
No 2. Sex and beer.
No 3. Sex and a massage.
No 4. Sex and a good dinner.
No 5. Sex and birthday cake.

No 6. Sex with more than one guy / girl
No 7. Sex and Vodka
No 8. Sex with toys
No 9. Sex followed by more sex.
No 10. Sex and video games

No 11. Sex and a cheeseburger
No 12. Sex and Kool-Aid (or Hi-C if we're out of Kool-Aid)
No 13. Sex and money
No 14. Sex and driving (or sex while driving)
No 15. Sex and Eggo Waffles

No 16. Sex and HBO after ten o'clock
No 17. Sex in every room of the house
No 18. Sex and a video camera to record the sex
No 19. Sex in the rain
No 20. Sex in a public place.

No 21. Sex and having the day off from work.
No 22. Sex and not having to remember the person's name or call them.
No 23. Sex with lots of people.
No 24. Sex and not worrying about stds or pregnancy.
No 25. Sex followed by the other types of sex.
added by !@#$%^&
No 26. Sex with Jenn over the phone, followed by sex in person with susan, followed by watching susan have sex with herself, followed by susan watching me have sex with myself, followed by me "sexing" in her mouth and watching her swallow every last drop... followed by me cooking and eating a really fast but very good Brocolli and Chicken Pasta.

No 27. Sex with Jenn over the phone several (or more) times a day, followed by me taking a flight out to OS to see Jenn in person, followed by wrapping my lips around Jenns pussy, followed by sucking Jenns clit, followed by groping jenns tits really hard and pinching her nipples, followed by sliding my tonge dee into Jenns tight, dripping wet pussy, followed by Jenn cuming in my mouth, followed by me sliding my very thick hard 8-inch (ok, maybe 7-inch) cock slowly into Jenns tight cuming pussy, followed by me fucking Jenn hard and deep, followed by Jenn cuming (again) all over my cock as it pums in and out of her pussy hard and deep, followed by me pulling out, followed by me grabbing her hair and pulling Jenns face towards me, followed by me shoving my cock in her mouth, followed by me cumming deep down her throat, followed by Jenn swallowing every last drop, followed by more sex 15 minutes later and more sex 30 minutes after that, followed by a real good movie and a bottle of merlot, followed by dinner (cooked by me), followed by a great nights sleep, followed by great morning sex.... u get the picture. right?
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Bad girls are better!!
Jul. 20th, 2004 @ 10:45 am I didnt want Jenn's community to die
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ReaSoNS iT KiCKS aSS To Be a WHoRe...

1. People that want you buy you stuff or pay for stuff.
2. People already know you don't to waste time.
3. Everyone that fucks you wants to do better than everyone else; so they try extra hard to give you a good time.
4. You dont get a bunch of guys with little dicks trying to fuck you.
5. You dont get a bunch of ugly dykes.
6. You are not expected to give the guy your number after he thrills you.
7. After whats his name leaves he will brag to his friends that he scored and his even hotter/better friend will want to do you.
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Jul. 13th, 2005 @ 11:19 am Welcome to Whorington, USA
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