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Jul. 26th, 2004 @ 10:49 am my first ever story...be kind oh readers
Title: Candy Everybody Wants

She sways her hips from side to side as she walks.

The hem of her skirt just low enough to cover her essentials. Her tight little shirt can barely hold her in.

The golden locks of her hair each brushed carefully in place, drape perfectly over her thin shoulders. A locket adorns her graceful neck.

Eyes that reveal her truest desires. She looks at me and smiles, god that smile could melt a thousand hearts. Those glossy lips, how i wish to kiss them, she interrupts my thoughts, "Charlie...Take a picture it will last longer."

I snap back to reality, "Sorry i was day dreaming."

She shurgs her shoulders and motions behind me at some newbie cute guy that has caught her gaze. She waves at him and blows him a kiss. Her attention once more on me she asks, "what?? i cant look? oh come on hes gorgeous." She rises from her seat, drink in hand, "be right back."

She makes her way a little hurriedly in the direction of that guy.

Minutes later she is on the look out again glancing over nonchalantly at another one of her "gorgeous men." Somewhat aggravated, I grab her wrist to make her sit back down, "Jenn, don't you have a man?"

"Yeah." She sits like a child about to be punished. She crosses her arms infront of her, "Fine. I will be good."

She sips her drink, her head hung low, "I'm sorry sweetie, it's just that...damn girl..."

"Sorry." She looks up at me, "I dont know why, but lately I've felt so lonely." Before I realize whats going on she's on my lap, pulling down her skirt that continually rides up her lean legs.

The waiter swings by our table and sets down some limes, salt, shot glasses, and tequila. "From the gentlemen at the bar for Miss Jennifer."

She looks behind me and grins at them. "We cant be ungrateful Charlie..." As if by pure magic she her shirt opens up, "I love body shots."


Its no wonder shes the candy that everybody wants.
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Date:July 26th, 2004 09:31 am (UTC)
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thats just mean